Emily Galeota

Emily is a Nurse Practitioner at West Virginia University Medicine and a fantastic example of what it means to be an #OYGHero. She graduated from WVU with her Nurse Practitioner (NP) degree in 2015 and truly loves taking care of people in their time of need. Her first job as a NP was at Milan Puskar Health Right, a free clinic for low-income individuals and families. She also taught in 2015 for WVU’s Nursing Program.

Now working at WVU Medicine, Emily has seen first hand the impact COVID-19 has had on healthcare and the people of West Virginia. Despite all the challenges 2020 has brought for healthcare workers she mentioned how effective remote video appointments have been for her patients. Emily is hopeful that more organizations, like WVU Medicine, will adopt consistent and widespread use of video and remote technology. With West Virginia being a very rural state, Emily says the new technology has been extremely effective for scheduling and keeping appointments with the new social distancing protocols. A silver lining in a pandemic? Sounds like #TeamOYG to us!